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Psychotherapy & counselling with Kathy Gale in Highbury, North London

About Psychotherapy & counselling
Psychotherapy and counselling can provide an invaluable opportunity to look at our lives, at what works and doesn’t work for us and consider changes we might like to make.

In a crisis,
psychotherapy or counselling can give us an opportunity to talk through difficulties, receive support and find new ways of dealing with the issues we face.

When life feels flat, we can recover our sense of aliveness, satisfaction and joy. We can become more self-aware and develop richer, more fulfilling relationships.

As young people, we learn patterns of behaviour to deal with our circumstances. In adulthood, these may no longer be appropriate or helpful.
Psychotherapy and counselling can help us to identify these patterns and find new ways of responding.

Generally speaking, counselling differs from therapy in that it takes place over a shorter time period and focuses on a particular issue or difficulty.
Psychotherapy can be more long-term and wide-ranging. However, both can enable us to see new choices available to us and to make significant changes in our lives.

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